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Build a Home – Grace for Generations is a capital funding campaign by Grace Place (501c3 designated organization), located in Anna, TX. Grace Place currently serves Anna and surrounding communities with a baby outreach, community garden, and food pantry services through a facility in the center of town.

Since food distribution services began in 2020, Grace Place has grown with the demand, and our amazing partners & servant leaders now serve 50-60 families on an average week in 2023. Unfortunately, the community needs are still increasing, and Grace Place requires dedicated expansion of facilities to continue serving the community.

Infographic showing population increase of Anna, TX from 1990 of 900 people to predicted population in 2050 of 62,000

The City of Anna, TX saw 20x population growth in the 30 years between 1990 and 2020.

During the next 30 years, city economic planners expect another 3.5x growth to an estimated population of 62,000.

Infographic showing that the City of Anna, TX master plan confirms the need for Community centers, but there are currently none in existence, and none are budgeted by the city.

The City of Anna master plan for 2050 identifies the need for public community recreational facilities.

However, only 1 community center is planned, and is noted to only accommodate a population of 50,000. No public budget has yet been set to begin work on the city-provided center.

Infographic showing student opportunities in Anna, TX. 50% of students are considered at-risk by Texas Education agency, 51% are economically disadvantaged, and will now not be at school on Fridays

The Texas Education Agency recently gave Anna ISD a “B” rating, with higher than state average risk factors relating to college readiness.

Anna ISD is moving to a 4-day week this 2023-2024 school year, placing an increased burden on student development activities and the families relying on childcare during the work day.

Infographic that show a 7.1 poverty rate for Anna, TX equaled 1,235 people in 202o, and extrapolates to estimated 4.402 people in 2050.

As Anna grows in population, those with economic assistance needs also increases.

In addition to standard needs-based assistance such as food, housing, and clothing, families living below or near the poverty line also need access to quality of life programs such as tutoring, adult recreation activities, and mental & spiritual health support.

Combined image of Grace Place Community Center floor plan and rendering of front of building

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