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Grace Place is a 501c3-designated community center in Anna, TX open to the public focused on refreshing your spirit, soul, and body.

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Portrait Of Family With Children Sitting On Rug At Summer Garden Fete
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the why

Grace for Generations

The vision for Grace Place is to establish a community center that serves and embraces all ages providing a safe place where kids can get tutoring, mentoring, sports clinics, and open gyms. Teens can find a safe place to connect and share interests. Seniors can find a place of belonging with fun activities and social engagement, and families can come together for various classes and activities.

This will be a place where everyone is welcome, everyone can belong, and everyone can be a part of a safe environment where people’s spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical lives will thrive. Whatever reason they choose to come, we believe they will experience the love and the goodness of God in this place!

Lives will be changed, hope restored, God glorified on every square foot of the property.

Lafe and Hope Angell smiling while looking at camera
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Grace Place Founders &
Lead Pastors, Grace Point Family Church​

The plan

building a place of grace, hope, & community

Grace Place has already purchased 7.5 beautiful acres in Anna, TX, nestled between the main thoroughfares of Hwy 75 and Hwy 5. This location offers central access for the families of surrounding communities and (for now!) has room to expand as the need for additional services grows.

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get involved

Upcoming events & Milestones

Grace Place Community Day

April 20, 2024

Come experience live music, food, games, raffles, and more – all for FREE at Grace Place Community Day! Our goal is to create a community experience filled with fun memories for all generations to share! Click here for all the details…

Combined image of Grace Place Community Center floor plan and rendering of front of building

make it happen

from concept to reality

Grace Place is funded and supported by the community. Only by the generosity of individuals and organizations committed to providing these necessary services will the new community center open to families.

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Family leisure
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the basics

common questions

Our master plan provides outdoor space for a football/soccer field, covered pavilion, fishing dock, & playground. The indoor facilities are designed for 2 basketball/volleyball courts, stage, kitchen for our food pantry, and multiple classrooms.

Because Grace Place is a non-profit organization relying on community support, a scheduled opening date relies on the generosity of the community to meet construction needs. Our plans are split into multiple phases to provide services as quickly as possible.

Our current goal is to open Phase 1 by Fall of 2025. See how you can get involved to help turn blueprints into reality!

The Grace Place Community Center is designed to be used by everyone in the community. Regardless of background or situation, everyone needs a place to feel welcomed, safe, and nurtured in their physical, spiritual, and mental health.

from the community

Why are you excited for Grace Place?

" We're excited about the Grace Place Community Center because Anna will finally have a new, state-of-the-art place for faith-based kids' activities. With the city's current growth, the timing couldn't be more perfect! "
Alastair & Wendy Hunte
Alastair & Wendy Hunte
Local business owners & community members
" This community center is going to offer so much for our students which some simply don't have access to now. I'm excited to see how the kids are going to grow and excel into their next, as well as the adults who are going to be offering their time and talents! "
Casey Lagesse Headshot
Casey Lagesse
Anna ISD Educator
" I cannot wait for our youth to have a safe place to be encouraged and receive guidance on their walk with Christ. "
Dr. Shelbi Wilson
Dr. Shelbi Wilson
Knight Family Chiropractic, Anna